Standing His Ground: A legal blog on self-defense, gun control, and the Second Amendment
by Robert Leider

Welcome to Standing His Ground

Welcome to my blog. I am an assistant professor at George Mason University, Antonin Scalia Law School. I research legal issues involving the legitimate use of public and private violence, including the right of self-defense, the use of force in law enforcement, just war theory, and gun control. On occasion, I have had the good fortune to post as a guest on other blogs. But I have more to say than I can fairly ask others to post on my behalf. So I have started this blog to discuss legal issues related to my research. I look forward to sharing my views and hearing your comments.

4 responses to “Welcome to Standing His Ground”

  1. A hearty welcome to you! I look forward to following your blog.

    David Lawson
    2A activist and plaintiff in McDonald v. Chicago and
    Lawson v. Chicago.


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